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The deposit bonus at YYY Casino has many types

YYY Casino has many advantages, but what are the favorite advantages for our players? The deposit bonus is certainly one of the things that players love most, regardless of whether they are professionals in the world of casino games or if they are still at the beginning of their journey in this world full of fun and excitement.

The first deposit bonus on the casino account is one of the most famous and best types of bonuses that the player gets on any site. On some sites this bonus may be a small fixed amount that you get after making your first deposit. On other sites, it may be a percentage of the value of the first deposit.

As for YYY, the first deposit bonus is double the deposit value! Whatever the deposit amount you made, you will get an additional 100% up to $2,200. If you deposit $100, the deposit bonus becomes an additional $100 with a total of $200 to play with. If you deposit $200, the deposit bonus becomes an additional $200 with a total of $400 to play with. Thus, up to the deposit amount of two thousand two hundred dollars, so that the first deposit bonus becomes $2,200 with a total of $4,400 to play with!

If you do not receive the double bonus automatically after your first deposit, you can contact the support service via WhatsApp and our team will assist you quickly and professionally. YYY’s support service is available every day 24 hours and support is available in Arabic and English.

Get a bonus with every deposit to the account at YYY

After the double bonus that you get with your first deposit, you would definitely want more bonuses to increase your chances of winning and increase the duration of the fun in the casino. That’s why YYY stands out from other sites, because it has different ways to get bonuses with every deposit.

In addition to direct deposits from the site via credit cards, you can also deposit via the MetBitter application or digital currencies from the deposit page on the site. Now we will explain to you more about these methods, how to deposit with them, and how to get a bonus from them.

MitchBetter is a money transfer application via phone number. The application is very easy and simple, downloaded on Apple and Android phones. After registering the account with your phone number and email, you can make all deposits through it, and you can also make all withdrawals of profits from your account on YYY.

For every deposit you settle through Match Better, you will receive a 10% ten percent bonus. You can make a deposit of any amount and get an additional 10% with it. If the deposit is $100, you get a total of $110. If your deposit is $1,000, you get a $100 deposit bonus and a total of $1,100 to play with.

The other way to get a bonus with every deposit is through digital currencies. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized means of payment and purchase, without the presence of a central bank. It can be sent from one person to another via blockchain technology. It increases the privacy and security of users, with the speed of operations because there is no third party that needs a period of time such as a day or more to complete the operations. Payments or exchanges using digital currencies only take a few minutes and no more.

Like MetaButter, with every cryptocurrency deposit, you get a 10% ten percent bonus! Also like Better, you can settle all your deposits and withdraw your winnings from the casino using digital currencies. YYY Casino allows you to deposit using many different currencies, the most popular of which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and more. The best of them is probably Tether, such as USDT, because it is one of the stable currencies whose value is never more or less than the US dollar, and thus protects you from the fluctuations of the digital currency exchange market.

If your cryptocurrency deposit is $2,000, the deposit bonus becomes $200, with a total of $2,200 available to you in casino games. Deposits can be made in small or large amounts as you wish via cryptocurrencies. Deposits and withdrawals can be done through different platforms that have a wallet for the currencies you want to use. Binance is the most popular platform at the moment for exchanging currencies. However, we recommend carefully researching the use of this technology due to the risk factor in the nature of these currencies.

Weekly Super Monday Bonus at YYY Casino

We celebrate Monday at YYY in a different way than other sites. On the first deposit made into your casino account on Monday, you will get a 20% twenty percent bonus! This deposit bonus can only be earned once on a Monday, but is available every week.

What are the conditions for obtaining the Super Monday Bonus? The bonus is available on all different deposit methods, and best of all, it is not linked to the deposit bonus via MetBitter or cryptocurrencies. In other words, on the first deposit settled on Monday, you can get a 30% bonus! 20% twenty percent Super Monday Bonus and 10% ten percent deposit bonus via Bitcoin or digital currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The first deposit bonus on your new YYY Casino account is double the deposit value. The maximum limit for this bonus is $2,200, and you will get double the deposit no matter how you choose to make the first payment.

You can get a 10% ten percent bonus with every deposit you make through the Match Better application or via digital currencies. If your first deposit is on Monday, you will receive an additional 20% Super Monday Bonus, bringing the total bonus to 30%.

You can get a $100 deposit bonus if your first deposit at YYY is $100 because you get a double bonus for this first deposit. Another way is to deposit $1,000 via Match Better or digital currencies, and you get a 10% bonus equal to $100.

The deposit bonus can be used in hundreds of fun games at YYY. You can also use it in the sports betting section on YYY to predict the results of various matches and test the skills of your favorite team.

The method and conditions for withdrawing different types of bonuses differ. If you want to withdraw a deposit bonus from your account, check the active bonuses page or contact the support department to help you understand the conditions for releasing the bonus in your account and the withdrawal method.

To remove a bonus from your account, please contact the support team via live chat or WhatsApp, knowing that the bonus cannot be refunded if it is removed.